On the subject of differences, I have thought for many years how much I like hearing and seeing the way other people interpret the world around them. It is so subjectively contextual to the individual that there will never be complete agreement among even twins watching the very same event. I find that fascinating and frustrating all at once.

Fascinating for and greatly appreciated by a mind that is always trying to find a new way to wrap itself around life. Frustrating for a mind that is stuck in the rut of habit.

Children bring completely new but familiar perspective to my understanding of life. Being reminded of what things are in a more simplistic form or tinted by the mind of a child, a tween or a teen, gives my analytic and cynical mind a rest. It also restores and renews a joy deeply seeded in my soul. It is with this in mind that I go about the natural world photographing what I see and finding new physical perspective from which to shoot.

I hope all of you find a way back to simple at those times when your mind or soul is weary and wary of this world.

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