love notes

My love, my friend, how have 19 years slipped by so quickly? I still remember how the world revolved around just you; you and I. The feelings I had back then still fill my heart to overflowing. How I have been able to fit more love in such a full heart for your family and our children remains a mystery to me.

You are exactly what I need and who I need to be fully myself. You offer me refuge and comfort from the stresses outside, yet you keep my feet solidly grounded in the reality of life. You are constantly reminding me of your love and respect without ever uttering a single word. Your support of all I do and dream seems unending. I am so grateful for your commitment!

When times are tight, or sad, or scary, you don't ever turn away. You teach me so much every day. You brought a very different perspective through which to view life that has helped me to now search for those perspectives that may be different than my own. You enrich my world in so many ways that I wanted to thank you publically now and forever.




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