letting my hair down

Of course that is utterly metaphorical in my case, but tonight I was determined to relax and not be productive. You see, we have been readying our home for an open house and it is finally past. Each day before work and after coming home for two months we have worked on something to do with the house. I bribed my children to clean and straighten and reminded my husband of this or that, spent lots of quality time painting and touching up and finishing until I was wiped out! At work I was tempting my eyelids from meeting with gallons of coffee and tooth picks. But the push is over and I got three movies to vegetate in front of tonight. I didn't budge from the couch, no sirree, I held down my end faithfully for several hours. Life will continue now at a less hectic pace I hope and the work we did is not for naught since it will help the house show well for the rest of the time needed to sell.

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