Frugal confession #11

Grocery store grade cards

In attempting to develop a way that can make it easier for me to shop at grocery stores with less guilt, I am developing a grade card by which I can judge if the store works for my needs or not. Developing is a key term here; in the process of; working out the details of; you know, trying to figure out what is and isn’t important to me. So, I will share the process with you as I continue my pursuit of frugality and confess my accomplishments, failures and frustrations.

The other day I developed a template and took it to a store. It was a two-hour long ordeal of finding what I had thought I organized on paper but didn’t work so well in action. I only purchased some fruit and cheese at the store in the end. There is no way I can give an analytical grade based on this form, so I will continue to work on it and try again with what comes next at another store.

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