the party's over

Mardi Gras was a day of uninhibited eating at our house. The kids and I decided to make a day of an underutilized (in our home) holiday and, after dropping the car off for an oil change, walked our hungry to an Asian restaurant nearby. Yum! It had been a long while since having Asian fare, and the kids felt like royalty having lunch at a sit-down restaurant. After the restaurant we spent some time at the library munching on M&Ms while surfing and reading. Once the car was done we headed to town, ran some errands and rolled our full bellies back in the house to find more yum to stuff under the belt. By the end of dinner I was looking forward to the attempts we will make during the next 40 days of Lent to purge ourselves of excesses and purify our hearts. But not before dessert!

So we all have decided on different ways to improve over Lent. One of my kids will be giving up meat while another will learn about other cultures through music. I will blog about what struggles we have and our victories small or great. I haven't come up with my specific plan just yet, but you'll know when I do.




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