Tonight we celebrated tradition when I taught my daughter to make Japanese stuffed rice balls. Growing up in Hawaii, they were among many staples I ate from the cuisine of Japan. My favorite were those made with sour plum, but this evening we used fake crab for some and octopus for others. We agreed the octopus was best.

I was told they were called onigidi and have used that term since. So when my daughter was telling her friend on hang outs what she'd done, she asked me to spell it. I did so phonetically as o-n-i-g-i-d-i. Her friend questioned that, asking if there were an-r instead of a-d. I tossed the idea aside before giving it much thought, but discovered she is right. The Japanese often have difficulty with American r's just as Americans often have difficulty with rolling r's in Spanish. The r's pronounced by many Japanese sound more like a-d, thus the misspelling of onigiri.

Isn't it funny how we can assimilate incorrectness into our lives. If I am yet confused, please let me know, as I would like to have at least this right in my life.

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