frugal confession #10

Did you notice? Are you aware that I skipped a week of confessing my frugalities? I was acutely aware of it, but there is a good reason: I'm working on a grading chart. That's right, I have decided to grade different stores on their frugal functionality. I am still developing the chart, but when it is ready for a test run, I will let you know. It will include pricing, availability of bulk and nude food, use of local sources, adaptability to using containers I supply, and convenience of route and business hours. Of course this will all be under the guise of what I like to buy for my family's use, so the grades are for me, though you may find them helpful too. I may attempt to do one for different restaurants as well, but that will likely be limited since we don't tend to eat out much. I hope you will help me tune up the grade card with suggestions once I roll it out.

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