singing through the day

Do you ever set words to a familiar tune? You know, like using the tune to three blind mice for describing what tasks you have set for the kids to accomplish. Or, here's something I do way more than I should, I'll sing myself through whatever task I'm doing. Yes, I'm guilty:

"Here I am, At the sink.

See all the bags? Need to be washed!

Turn on the water and grab the soap,

use a scrubby and wash them ya' dope,

don't buy more plastic - the rivers will choke.

Get them clean; let them dry."

The other part of this trick is having such a vast arsenal of songs that you can respond to peoples' questions with an actual song. My kids can even do this. After the first few sung responses people tend to either join in or be put off. The former are most of my family and friends, the latter are not usually in my circle, like a repair technician or store clerk. I've learned to keep song responses to myself when in public. I know its silly, but it makes my daily tasks more fun and fruitful (I don't forget what I'm trying to accomplish). You ought to give it a try!

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