love note

My dear son,

I hope you can tell how much I love you. I know that you love me through and through by the way you like to give me hugs and do stuff for me. Your offers for a back rub or to snuggle make my heart smile as much as I smile. I enjoy our family movie nights together even when it is just us because you make movies fun to watch!

When you were born I did not know what to do since I had never had a boy before, but over the years, watching you grow and become your own person, I have discovered the joy that comes from my boy. Now I wonder how I managed without you!

So many times I want to just throw the day aside and spend time with you; play a board game, or read a book, snuggle, or watch the sky float by. Instead I make you tend to your schoolwork as I tend to my own work, but that is how life goes. As your mom those are some of the things I have to do. Love comes in many forms: Snuggles are one form, but discipline is another. Teaching you to be a good and responsible human is a big deal and I have only one chance to get it done right. If I were a selfish person, I guess I wouldn't bother trying, and just play with you all the time, but I see this life as a borrowed place and you are the gardener for the next generation. So, forgive me when I am stern and know it is because I care and I want you to care too. I love you with my whole self. I hope, if you couldn't tell that before, you can look for it in everything I do now.

Love, Mom




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