Frugal confession #9

I'm finding it difficult to remain committed to chucking the plastic habit. So much is packaged, and most of it in plastic! By the time I have found nude food at the store I am terribly limited in the variety for my time and ability. I can deal with that, but then there is the dilemma of sauces. I want to buy hot sauce, but it is sold in jars. Glass, so that's good, but the lid is plastic and it has a plastic film sealing it. There is also the problem with medicines...all plastic! I am getting a little frustrated, but am still determined to get as much plastic out of my life as is feasible at this time. I have been remembering to bring my reusable bags into the store with me though, so progress has been made! One of these days I'll have to figure out the milk jug thing. For now, using my own bags and bringing my own cup for drinks is making headway for me. Perhaps things will roll more easily towards plastic-free with a little more time and practice. Right now, though, the aisles are thick with no-nos and the nude stuff is hiding behind the murk of plastic. Soldier on!




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