Frugal confession #8

Work on the house continues, progress is being made, and the trash continues to build up. I have found alternative ways of using some of my refuse; like the carpeting for a weed barrier, wood bits for tinder, but there are lots of things that must go into the landfill and it breaks my heart.

On the other hand, shopping for groceries has been an interesting test of my memory as much as my resolve. My daughter was with me when we were purchasing fruit and she reminded me as I picked up a 3-lb bag of apples on sale, that the bag they were in was plastic. The only loss was convenience, for we found apples in bulk down the aisle a bit for the same price per pound as the bagged, plus we got to choose each apple individually. As I looked around, I noticed just how much of our produce is packaged instead of bulk. I did not buy carrots because they were only available in plastic bags, but that was alright because I pass many stores along my usual routes and will stop at one another time for those. This a crazy journey, but I'm glad to be on it, and I'm glad you're coming along!




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