Have you ever started a project that led to another and then another until you have 5 projects going at the same time? That's what I call hec(tic)craz(y)i(frustr)ated! I'm currently in waist-deep, and completion of each is farther off than I care to admit. Today I went as far as I could on one before my better half has to work out his part, got supplies for another in progress, wrote a bit for something else, and am waiting for a place to practice another (which will be done with next week, thankfully). There are a couple of house projects I cannot do until other stuff gets done first, so I decided to go to the library for a little ME time with my watercolors. I brought everything I needed...except the brushes. Finger painting doesn't work so well with watercolors; I have a rather funny-looking lion as proof. All I know is that I want something accomplished or resolved and this is not cutting it!

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