Frugal confessions #7

In a meeting I had with a person who deals with trash for a municipality, we discussed trash, recycling and composting to a depth I think many do not. Being on the receiving end, and thus having to deal with the trash, one really gets an understanding of what the limitations are.

I discovered that the municipality of Springfield has three landfills, the main one taking in over 675 TONS of our trash daily. That is DAILY at only one of the landfills. Good golly! It seems to me we could throw less away pretty easily. I'm betting that has a lot to do with peoples' resistance to recycling. Looks like a shift in attitude is in order! What else can I recycle? Oh, yes, the ring that seals the cap onto my milk jug. But I think a better idea is to not use as much. I am famous for finding "bargains" that I don't need, so I'll be putting a stop to that. And sometimes I buy too much and it just goes to waste, so that has to end. Then there is the packaging...where I can, I will avoid it, like on more cellophane wrapped broccoli! How about you?



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