Just what is a birthday?

To me, my birthday is my claim to exist. It says in a very concrete way "I am part of this human existence". It's my ticket to the race and my obligation to take part, connect, make a difference or to just be and to notice. What I do in between the day I was born and today is my legacy. It is my mark on this world and my proclamation to everyone what I am about. Now that I am past the half-way mark, I am flying fast down the road of experience and not wasting any time. I move ever forward toward something I don't yet know, but know it feels great and is right. I live moments more fully and have gained many more of those moments by my awareness of them. How I look in the process is of less importance than to remain on the continuum of that process. The sum of the parts will have a greater impact than the means to the end. I am moving determinately towards a greater good than just me and my happy birthday.

#lifeunfolding #milestone #makingadifference


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