Frugal confessions #4

In researching further the subject of trash for a presentation I’m giving in February, I have become fascinated and chastised by my findings. There is an entire movement towards zero waste. The speakers I watched would come onto the stage with a clear storage canister (you know like for sugar or flour) with some loose trash in it sealed by that lid. Then they walk up to the microphone and pronounce to all gathered “This is the trash I have produced in the last year.” I was taken aback! I thought to myself, then later aloud to some friends, “and I call myself a conservationist?!” and went red with shame.

Having slept on it, I now have a more skeptical mind to see the ‘show’ in what they did. Not that having an impact like that is a bad thing. To the contrary, it has the desired effect of credibility and getting one’s attention for the rest of the talk. But the trash was suspiciously dry, loose and readable. It looked as if they had taken a small box with writing on it, torn it up and fit it inside the jar. This, then, would represent how mush trash they accumulated over the past year. I would have been ok with them saying this instead.

That aside, the message was undeniably strong and motivating. They showed in very short time, how to reduce what we use, choose more wisely and benefit from our choice of such clean living. The most difficult part though, that which may present its own Berlin wall to many people, is the digging out from where we now stand in all of our collected stuff. Funny that I have written about the solution to that part of the problem. I think I'll have to finish that piece of work and publish it as the path towards zero waste.


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