Those things we see and do not comprehend, those are some of the mysteries in our lives. Mysteries are good; they keep us open to the whims of the universe. We seek understanding in everything, but not everything is understandable. At least, not everything is understandable to me at my current age, education and experience level. I like being surprised at what life throws my way most of the time. I find that what I did not understand 20 years ago, I do understand now. Like being a mother for example. People could not make me understand how one changes when they become a parent. Oh people tried, but my mind, spirit and experience blocked my ability to understand. This was a mystery to me.

As a child I asked a lot of questions. Yes, I was that annoying 'why' child, who, even given an answer to the original question, would proceed with a why after that, and again and again until I was satisfied with my understanding, or was shooed away. So much was a mystery! I never ceased in my questions though, which is how I ended up in a science discipline. It also explains why I also ended my college career with a master's bag of credit hours but a mere baccalaureate.

Mystery goes hand in hand with excitement and change as I see it. When life gets a little stale, I usually try to learn something or try something new to me. My latest change has opened me to an entire new world of perspective and edge-of-seat existence. I find that painting is more often exhilarating than a frustration. I no longer expect an outcome but look into the paint and hold the brush as it makes its way across the canvas to bring forth a pleasing image. The outcome is joy, pure and simple.

Try something different this year; go forth and unravel a mystery. Perhaps there you will find some joy.


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