Become the change

Mahatma Gandhi: Become the change you want to see in the world. Good advice. Who better to understand your vision than yourself right? But how does this happen? I mean, how do you start such a change?

A woman I know asked me for advice in devising a scrapbook to keep her motivated to change this year. I thought about it and advised her something like this: Make the first page who you are now. On the second page include the things and ideas you like; what you want to have more of in your life. The pages that follow would then become what you have tried differently each week or month to attain the ideas you like. At the end of a year or other time frame, you would put down who you are at that point and compare that page to the first page. That would be a good way to see the progress and to see what worked best for you so to incorporate more of that.

Not everyone creates scrapbooks I realize, however there are ways to change habits and try new stuff without a scrapbook. Use a calendar and mark things you want to do or try out on select days of each month. Make Tuesday 'Try it' day, or Wednesday 'weekly word' day.. You get the idea. Let's all go for some positive change this new year!



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