The contribution of passion

We all have a passion for certain things. Some love technology, others traveling, and some are passionate about reading. My younger daughter loves birds and has a knack for identifying them. She has been our unofficial ornithologist for several years.

To her credit, and with a borrowed bird ID book, she was researching what birds we might encounter while on our trip to the Grand Canyon and we all turned to her when we saw some yet unknown feathered friend. She would then give it a bit more research and tell us the story and context of that particular avian later that day. How utterly enriching for us all! Guess what she received as a gift this last holiday? Yup, her very own, full size bird ID book. Why not encourage and enable her to develop her passion? After all, if our work is based on what we are passionate for, we contribute our best effort to our work. Doing so makes the world a better place for all.



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