Mele Kalikimaka!

Growing up on a tropical island was indeed wonderful! I cannot say enough about what my take-away lessons were (part of why I am blogging). Even so, while I was young (and less appreciative) I longed for a white Christmas. The songs that played around the Christmas holiday almost always referred to sleigh rides or snow or "wintery weather" and made this phenomena that I had never experienced move to the top of my list of must-dos.

I have now experienced multiple white Christmases, but more wintery weather than I care to remember. The thing is, it looks lovely only when you don't have to go out in it. As soon as that choice is no longer yours, the snow and cold take on a devilish attitude, thwarting any effort you put forth towards graceful motion. Walking is herky-jerky and done with trepidation, and driving can be deadly. So I much prefer looking out the windows from a fire-warmed room, remembering the Christmases from my childhood when we would decorate the Norfolk island pine growing out front and go outside after opening gifts to give each one a test run. Then I was likely to head towards the ocean just to watch the waves crash on rocks, or look for sea cucumbers to squirt.

Wherever you are today, warm or cold, I hope you find joy in the place that you are and recall fond memories from your childhood holidays!



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