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I was very excited to see that a massive clean up of the plastic caught in the NE Pacific Gyre is being attempted. Some extremely progressive thinker at 19 years old has come up with an idea to use the natural wave, wind and current patterns to trap and extract the plastic from that garbage patch. You know that is part of the focus of Neko Travels the Big Wave , which I published in September, 2016. In the back of the book are some website links to learn more about the issue as well as some of the attempts of humans to mitigate this problem. This project is something I have only just heard of and looks quite promising. Here is the website:

While they attempt to do the big stuff, we can all attempt to help out by making good choices. If it is not necessary to use or purchase something made of plastic, let's choose not to. If its just to decorate with, let's choose something natural or at least biodegradable. Even if it is on clearance (there is my downfall)! And what about all that packaging around what we buy? How about we look a little harder for things packed simply instead of excessively, or packaged with earth-friendly wrapping? I think we could all help out a little more, don't you?



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