Bad hair day

I'm having a bad hair day. Not that I usually care, I keep my hair short to accommodate my lack of emotion on this issue. Somehow though, today I am bothered by it. There are uneven lumps and cow licks above my brow. There are sticks of straw-looking hairs pointing out the ceiling as well as walls. It's all crazy; hairy-cary you might say. What does one do when it looks this bad? Do I wash it again? should I just cover it with a chapeau? Maybe I should invest in some goopy slick stuff, because I certainly won't get an aerosol spray can of liquid hair concrete. No, no, I think the best action that will probably improve my attitude as well is to take a nap. Maybe some good pillow-time will straighten the cow-lick, soften the straw and flatten the lumps. Or maybe it won't, but when I wake up, I may not care anymore. :-)



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