shadows of vapor

As I sit in the living room typing this blog I am watching the shadow of the heat vapor from the fireplace stove dance on the east wall in the orange light of sunset. It is surreal to witness as the shadows are so vivid and alive on the wall: So crisp and full of movement too.

The scene on the wall, in blinding contrast to what the weather outside is doing, takes me back to the hot and sandy town of Tambacounda. The sun was very large there. It seemed to hang in the sky as a looming threat to comfort and sanity. The wind brought greetings from the sun carried by the sand it whipped up along the way. Hot. Very hot. It felt like the heating element from my oven was hovering over my exposed skin. Hot. Like each inhalation was an attack on my lungs' ability to breathe. Tssst, burn!

Oh, how the mind can heal the body! Back then I would think of how cold I could get here in the winter. Now I am thinking of how hot it was there and feeling better for it on this frigid evening.



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