The art of watching clouds

Children help keep me grounded. I have many a fine idea in theory, but those ideas remove me from the moments in which we live. Children have a way of bringing me back into the moment. One of my absolute favorite things to do; something I loved as a child and continued to love in my younger adulthood; the thing that makes me feel that happy that infects every molecule, making me full of fizz in my body and giggly on my face; that one thing is watching clouds on a sunny day. To lay back in the grass with one or more of my kids, focusing on the dynamic shapes clouds form and reform, naming them as they do, is to appreciate the complexities of nature and to nurture the imagination.

As an adult with responsibilities and my focus on the future I had forgotten how much joy one could derive from this practice. That is until I had kids of my own. As does any responsible parent, I made sure I was teaching my kids all the important things in life. Taking a break from that, we would spread a mat in the grass and have tea parties or play with Hot Wheels, but it often ended in a cloud-watching session. That was my rediscovery of the art of watching clouds. Its been said that children are here to remind us how to go about living life. I'm here to tell you there is a deep truth in that! Though I may plan for a bright future, I know that now is the best I have. It is shameful to waste what I have now, so I try to be mindful that keeping some of the kid within me requires feeding that kid. This is one way to do that.


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