frugal confessions #1

I am not a purchaser of new things, generally. The frugal person in me, and lack of funds in the bank, keep me scouring thrift stores for those larger ticket items. Even the regular outer stuff; shirts, pants, skirts, etc, are fodder for my purchasing power. I am the definition of cheap shabby-chic. Well, maybe not the chic. I just want clothes that fit well, are comfortable and don't force children into labor halfway across the world. That's right, I pay attention to that. I do not have the bank roll to make those choices by purchasing new items, so I take other peoples' poor judgement refuse instead, if I do it at all. Granted, functionality comes first for me, then price, then the reputation of who made it and where. But I do want to make good choices. I also like to apply that rule of need vs. want, followed with 'enough'.

Yes, shopping with this girl is quite an experience! My children are doomed to think in this way when they shop too, because I discuss it with them. They also keep me realistic for we have learned that not all thrift store purchases are good ideas. Sometimes we need to get something NEW to make the most of that purchase. Sometimes, something new helps the self-esteem or perks up an attitude towards incorporating its use in our life. So, yes, I purchase new items, but most often I buy used.



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