Baby, it's cccold outside!

I have a very warm white coat that was given to me by a friend a couple of years ago. I love this coat immensely and never worry about being cold when I go outside now that I have it to wear. There's a hood and fits like a glove with soft fleece lining. Yeah, it's sweet! Thank you Sue!

My friend Sue is an author and she lives in Hawaii. That she had this coat to give to me is kind of funny. But she wasn't using it (she had purchased it for the weather she was going to be in on a visit elsewhere) and didn't expect to use it again. We got on the subject of coats somehow but once the coat was described I thought how nice it would be to have. I was right!

Here is a short poetic blurb to celebrate: Stay warm everybody!

wearing my winter coat I smile,

and bounce around outside

no worry for my warmth have I

feeling toasty all the while



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