Frugal with a chill

I hang the clothes out to dry on a set of lines in my backyard. I was raised this way and have decided to continue this behavior for many reasons, but we'll just sum those up at this time in the word frugal.

Now, I am not a glutton for punishment, but unless the lines look like this picture (from the 2007 ice storm) and the temperature is below zero, I will hang the laundry outside. This is not something I ever had to deal with growing up, but to me it is worth the effort to save the electricity, especially here where coal is burned to produce most of it. My clothes dryer does get some use though, when there is a biting wind, or precipitation.

I like to go out in the sunshine and breathe the fresh (if crisp) air, listen to the birds and squirrels and center my thoughts on the good and the simple. When the clothes are dry I enjoy removing them from the line, folding as I go so the job gets done. Upon removing clothes from a drawer or hanger I get to relive that outside moment. The clothes smell like the sun and simplicity and nature noises, and I know that they have not caused a negative impact on my environment.



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