Leaving my comfort zone

Today I entered a contest. I don't enter contests. I don't play the lottery either. But today I decided to step into the unknown and put myself in the hot seat. It feels less strange than I thought it would. That may be due to all of the practice I have had in this area recently. Still, it was thrice removed from comfort if you count going out with my art, out to the entire world, and out on the web. I am slow to accept and trust anything that involves a computer and the internet, even when I have some control, but I miss out on lots in this way. I don't regret that, it has kept my life very stable over time, but as life moves ever faster I need to speed my uptake of the new. I live in learn mode: I learn how to work faster on the computer; I learn how to adjust as the moods in my family change; I learn how to help the kids with schoolwork as I try to homeschool them; I learn how to say "No" even more as the budget goes out the window and becomes the ghost of my working past. Now I am learning to use the tools out 'there' to help me continue writing and working on my art. One such tool to get my name out there is entry in contests. I am not counting on winning, but I am counting myself a winner just because I am still able and willing to try new things. Maybe I'll stop on my way home today and buy a lottery ticket.


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