Fast Cars

While driving to the library with my kids, my son noticed a hot-rod looking car in the lane next to us and asked, “Why do people buy fast cars when we all end up going the same speed anyway?” From the mouths of babes, they say, we hear the utterance of truths. I answered him with a comparatively weak, “Because some people think they’re cool.” My son is among the many Hot Wheel enthusiasts and has enjoyed gawking at anything with wheels over his short lifespan so far. I imagine he will own a hot-rod at some point in his life to help him test his frontal lobe connectivity. If he survives with his body and car intact, he should do just fine in life!

Having given it more thought, I can see some parallels here with life. The most obvious to me is the way we, as humans and with many different preferences and backgrounds, project the image of ourselves we like to others. Some get dressed all fancy and wear baubles to be the most attractive, others dress down and take on an air of 'don't care' to be the rebels. Then there are those who give only the last thought to how they look after getting everything accomplished that they had on their list. In the end though, we all go the same speed. The baubles are lost, the fancy clothes no longer fit and the attitude shifts to what our hearts hold. Perhaps that is what we should spend our time on instead of appearances. Looking for an attitude that will bring us peace in our slower days; that will bring on smiles upon remembering how we made others feel.


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