Autumnal dance

Birds chirp, gusty winds blow

A leaf gets caught up in a dance

Twirling and bouncing then up it goes

The beautiful ballet of autumnal nature

Colors litter the sky against the call of crow:

‘Come down, come down back to the ground

The air and sky and high are mine; yours is down low’

Floating on wind is ours today like birds we kiss the sky

Dance with us together we’ll play caught up in the throes

Of laughter and joy and all good things with love at center stage

Join us, join us all living things, let life in your spirit grow

Take it all in, let it shine out, gather the rest to store

For soon comes the cold and all of this will go

Winter envelops and smothers good cheer

Do not ask me why, it is just so

The snow will swirl and dance

Wind will whistle and blow.


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© 2016-2020 by Janine Clark-Barry