End of the season

Yes, it is only early November, and finally feeling like it in this part of the country. The season I am referring to is apple season. Yup, the apples that are grown locally have all been harvested and

bushels at the orchards are pleading to be purchased. That makes it the end of the season. More than a decade ago now, I was privileged to join some close friends for their apple butter making. My oldest was about 2 and I have memories of her getting pulled around the yard in a Red Flyer wagon by her dad while the copper kettle hung over a wood fire.

I have longed to do this again ever since, but the project got moved out of town for many years. This last weekend our chance came again and our family and the host family (who are mutually adopted) got together for making apple butter. What a TREAT! It was about the last chance possible to be done because of the local apple conundrum (we like the Jonathans best of all), but what perfect weather! All the beauty, all the work , all the camaraderie and the joy, and a great yield to boot! Now I feel like the holiday season has begun and I can bring my joy in a jar anyplace I go to enjoy the whole weekend again with every cinnamony, appley, smokey bite.

I hope you have an experience too, that can evoke such a spirit of joy to fill your autumn and take you into winter.



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