Glory Leaves

There is a sugar maple (Acer saccharum) that I pass most days on my way to work. It is in a person’s front yard and I go past slowly to enjoy the beauty of it.

This fall the changing colors are not as abundant due to the heavy infestation of fall web worms and the uncooperative weather. Thus, there are less leaves out there to turn colors and the colors are generally more subdued, especially against a grey sky which we have today. But, lo and behold, this specimen has vibrant hues starting from the green which has faded and been replaced by some pinkish gold, turning a deeper pink to orangey-red. However, the beauty does not stop there, no it is not a simple thing. The tree leaves do not turn all at once like a synchronized light show.

The tree lures the eye onto the outermost leaves, teasing us with the green still below and inside, but tipped with the lightened greens and pinky gold. Each day the green lightens up below giving the tree a glow from within. All the while some of the outer leaves intensify in color extremes until, a few at a time, they drop to the ground, blanketing the yellowing grass with the color of Autumn.

On windy days the colors of autumn fly through the air, dancing in swirls and landing on my windshield, a pop of delight, each one.

There comes a time for each tree when every leaf is a blaze of color all the way through to the trunk. This maple has not reached that point yet. The leaves that have fallen have exposed the inside to the sun and weather causing this tree to ignite from the base of branches out and it just about shines like a star, twinkling its red, orange and gold.

Enjoy this dynamic process in the autumnal season of change along with me. Take an extra moment or two to notice something you have not been aware of before. In this way I hope you find a little more joy in your everyday!


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