the BIG picture

The busy season is upon us, a time of joy and impatience; reunion and frustration; when emotions run rampant and often times unchecked. This year I will be very careful to take in the savory and exude sugar as I experience a wealth of different: Different people, cultures, foods, religions and customs. There is great joy in all those differences for me, even as I think of what I like and dislike; and what I agree and disagree with. I know from experience that I change over time and experience. What I understood when I was a child changed while I was a young adult in college. Even as a new mother I came to understanding from yet a different perspective than before. Now, as my children are more responsible and I can refocus upon my own needs again, my perspective changes in appreciation of having such diversity around. I find I don't have to agree with someone or like how they look or the food they cook to appreciate the dynamic and color they add to the bigger picture we know as life.



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