While driving home the other day I observed a driver making a hasty and unthoughtful decision. Crossing three lanes of traffic blindly so they would not have to drive half a mile out of their way to turn around properly, they caused a ton of stress and evasive actions for others. My heart was pounding as I heard and watched in slow motion multiple cars hit their brakes turn wildly and one spin off into the grass. No crunch or crash ensued and I think all were fine unless a weak heart was involved.

What went though my head was how thoughtless this driver was to everyone else just to save time I am guessing. They did not end up saving time after wreaking such havoc.

How many decisions have I made to avoid a longer process which landed me in a worse predicament? I am reminded to renew my dedication to doing the right thing at the right time. No delays and with others in mind as I proceed. How about you?


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