I contemplate the falling leaves and the greens turning yellow and brown. Sparks of red and orange peek through, all of it beautiful and fleeting. The memory of the feelings it stirs inside my depths sticks tight but what about the sight or temperature or feel of wind or sun upon my shoulder? I do not retain the specifics, sadly. However, that I remember the feeling is enough, for I will refer back to that many times in future to bring about a smile on an otherwise dreary moment in my tomorrows. It becomes a brightly colored abstract painting in my mind.

Somehow, this seems to be the importance of life; feelings, emotions. They are the sustenance of thought and reformation. The pleasant and good are the goal, while the unpleasant are weeded out in favor of change for something better in the future. In this way we are also deciduous, retaining our strength to flourish again in the next season of our life, informed by our environment and the feelings we wish to repeat, we shed the unpleasant.

This is also where we meet with our perceived abilities and the point at which we either acquiesce to our limited view or explore what more we can be. I encourage you to explore!




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