My amazement is freshened each day as I watch my kids become who they are. Instinctively they attempt things they see me or their father do, but it gives them no pain to find they have no interest there or that they do. It is something they own, either way. If it is not enough to satisfy, they are inquiring towards something beyond. When I am approached, as I often am, by one of my own wanting more information on a subject, I am often perplexed. I think perhaps their imaginations had a creative boost from the universe at some point and I was missing that day. My imagination has rarely taken me beyond the realm of this earth and the way she works, but my kids, oh how they have left it all behind! For this I am very grateful, for what a boring world it would be if everyone thought like me.

My younger daughter has a knack for identifying birds and has been our unofficial ornithologist for several years. To her credit, she was researching what birds we might encounter while on our trip to the Grand Canyon and we all turned to her when we saw some yet unknown feathered friend. She would then give it a bit more research and tell us the story and context of that particular avian later that day. How utterly enriching for us all!



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