a new day

Each new dawn is an invitation, it seems to me, to start fresh. Though each day begins in a different mood, some grey with a heaviness and threat of rain; others loud with insect and birdsong and the sun painting the sky with a magical and fluid brush,each day is dynamic and continues on. The mood changes over the morning to noon and afternoon into evening when that brush strokes the sky again. It almost says "See how brilliant I was today?" and, not to my surprise, returns the next day as stalwart as ever to try it all again. At some point, (or many), the day has shown truly brilliant and I have caught a glimpse of only a moment or two. But I am only one of 7 billion humans, and uncountable other living things which have witnessed its presence and a moment or two of the day's force.

I think we are all much like a day - beginning at some point and mood and, as dynamic creatures, changing through the course of our days, witnessing and being witnessed in our brilliant and not so brilliant moments, with a stubbornness to continue on to our next day where we start again fresh, or we can build on what we did each day prior. Its a process and a journey, and being open to that which is different or uncomfortable roots us deeper in the soil of humanity where we all connect to each other.



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