Along the shore of a nearby lake, I spent the weekend with my family. Three kids and husband all relaxing and enjoying the lack of obligations in nature.

I have a tendency to do, do, do when I am at home, so this is the best way for me to relax as well. As I sat on the beach watching the kids swim and play using their imaginations, it took me back to my own childhood. Life seemed simpler then, but I think it was not, and I think this is true for every person over the course of time and history. What is simple is merely our childhood perspective. As we engage in life and learn from it, our experiences inform our perspective and that is how life becomes more complex. Not a bad thing I'd say, just how it is. What is done cannot be undone; what is said cannot be unsaid. As experience matures me and I apply lessons to life, I find a way back to simplicity for rejuvenation.



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